Support Services & Contracts for Industry

Support services & contracts for industry

Incontrol Systems believe that, rather than reacting to service call-outs, we should work with you to develop a proactive and preventative service and support model, that ensures that your plant & equipment is a reliable as possible. Using our experience of large and complex facilities, we can preempt and mitigate the challenges that cause down-time. Then by performing a comprehensive site audit, followed by making recommendations for site-wide improvements, we can put in place a service agreement that continually works to prevent unplanned down-time, rather than simply react to it after the event.
Our different service levels are designed to suit the size of your plant and budget. They are all designed to give you remote support from our experienced engineers. Our Gold and Platinum packages include both site audits and scheduled service activities, such as running essential software updates in a supervised manner.

  • Site audits for health, obsolescence & reliability
  • First line telephone response
  • VPN/APN remote support for system modifications
  • Augmented Reality remote support from our engineers to you
  • Working hours response, through to 24/7/365
  • On-site ‘ad-hoc’ call-outs
  • Planned service actions, for s/w updates
  • Silver, Gold & Platinum level service agreements

Our remote access facilities for client sites, allows us to connect to your systems remotely and securely at any given time. We can see exactly what’s going on within your system without physically having to travel to you. This means we can resolve problems in minutes, reducing mean times taken for repair, slashing call-out times and any subsequent costs.

What’s more, our remote access systems are designed to work securely and safely in line with your current IT policies. To eliminate any potential knock-on effects, InControl obey strict safety procedures. No site or system will be remotely affected without telephone confirmation from your staff on site.

ACTY Services Tier list 4

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