Brewing and Distillation

Brewery control and automation solutions:

We provide automation and software solutions for small regional breweries and large multi-nationals alike. Our long-standing client relationships and experience with the methods, systems and technology of the brewing industry are mutually beneficial.

Expert control systems for breweries and distilleries

At InControl, we’ve helped automate old and new breweries, micro breweries and distilleries. InControl can easily display expertise in every aspect of the brewing process, right through from the brew house to the packaging.

  • Advanced process automation solutions for new projects
  • Refurbishment and enhancement of ageing control systems
  • Making your brewery or distillery part of a SMART manufacturing process
  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) for optimum visibility of your process

We have a proven track record of quality and service with brewing and distilling industries in the UK and abroad. Our personal service and flexible approach goes down just as well as our clients’ products.