Statistical Process Control

SPC Integration as part of your business improvement

At InControl, we can integrate different enterprise software systems together. This often provides us with access to the same machine and process data, which is then shared with different disciplines for different needs in your business. Whether for maintenance, process optimisation or OEE, we can help.

So what is SPC? If you are new to Statistical Process Control (SPC), this can be a daunting question. SPC is everywhere in manufacturing – yet there may still be some who either don’t know about it or are intimidated by the concept.

InControl Systems like to select the best software products for the application and the business need, which is why if your business success is based on product quality, process optimisation and eliminating scrap, we might recommend Enact ® by InfinityQS. Here’s more about Enact ® SPC software:

Why should I use SPC software as part of my enterprise strategy?

In short, Enact® works the way manufacturers do: it mirrors the manufacturing process, and provides visibility and insight that go beyond traditional quality systems – offering opportunities for global transformation of product quality and competitiveness. We all know that manufacturing is a highly competitive industry, and that manufacturers are only as good as their processes. Your organisation is judged by the quality and volume of products that your processes produce. But there are struggles, most notably:

  • Reducing scrap, waste, defects, and rework
  • Improving product quality
  • Eliminating variation in processes
  • Maintaining compliance with regulatory and customer requirements

However, you may be looking for better methods: not just to fix problems but prevent them. Not just to eliminate variations but to improve the bottom line. And not just to improve quality—but to never ship a bad product again.

10 reasons to use Statistical Process Control – SPC software:

These are the top 10 reasons that businesses usually need SPC software like Enact®, issues start from scrap, overburdened staff, need for visibility, event notifications, easy reporting, ditching pen and paper, accountability, traceability, dated systems and lack of IT resource. Enact® can provide solutions to all these. Simply click the button below to obtain your free PDF document.

InfinityQS Enact® can provide:

  • Complete operational visibility
  • Informed decision making
  • Dashboards configure for each operator or manager
  • Event-based alerts
  • In-built analysis and reporting
  • Quality compliance confidence
  • Access to data from automatic, semi-automatic and manual sources
  • Cloud-based enterprise platform
  • Proof of concept model and scalable roll-out

InControl can take you through the journey of assessing the compelling business need and helping you with return on investment that can be proven during a manageable small scale pilot project.