Support Services for OEMs / Equipment Suppliers

Support services for OEMs / equipment suppliers

We can supply ACTY augmented reality support software, to allow your office-based service professionals to provide remote, online support, whilst chatting to your customers in the field. ACTY provides your service team with video control of the customer’s Smartphone to view and advise on service matters.

  • Annotate, draw, track, mark-up & comment via the customer’s Smartphone
  • Screen grab and video record
  • Voice translation to most languages
  • Integration with Smart Glasses

This is ideal for your own field service teams or to provide additional support services to your customers.

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  • PC, smartphone and tablet use
    - The same license allows the expert to use Acty to provide support from a PC or a mobile device such as an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Use with smart glasses
    - The technician can use any android Smart Glasses e.g. Epson Moverio, Realwear, Vusix, ODG to receive support in hands free mode.
  • Taking photos
    - It is possible to capture the problem using a smartphone, tablet or wearable devices remotely, as well to collect support data.
  • Video Recording
    - You can record a video of the work carried out using a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses remotely, in this way creating training sessions.
  • Support in Augmented Reality
    - While in remote access session, it is possible to simultaneously draw and write notes on the live image in augmented reality e.g. instructions, arrows, shapes, signals, text etc.
  • Support in freeze mode
    - During the remote viewing session, it is possible to freeze a video frame and simultaneously draw directions, arrows, shapes, signals, text etc. on the image.
  • Screen sharing
    - Each page of the PC that contains an application can be shared in the remote screen of the smartphone, tablet or smart eyewear.
  • Meeting
    - Possibility of simultaneous connection of several experts to a customer. Everyone will be able to see, talk and draw in AR.
  • Drawing with the object palette
    - To facilitate understanding of the remote problem, a palette of ready-to-use symbols has been included both in AR and in Freeze.
  • Drawing on a photo from gallery
    - During the remote viewing of the video broadcast, you can use a digital zoom to visualise any detail of the shot more closely.
  • Digital zoom
    - While viewing the video remotely, you can use a digital zoom to take a closer look at any detail of the shot.
  • Full screen view
    - The PC application used to support customers allows you to expand the transmitted image to full screen.
  • Video quality management
    - In order to manage changes in connectivity, the video quality can be adjusted in real time to adapt to the available bandwidth.
  • Decrease bandwidth usage
    - In order decrease bandwidth usage, in case of connectivity via the mobile network, it is possible to decrease or increase the video performance quality in real time.
  • Turning the LEDs on and off
    - When the frame is in the shadow or dark, the technician can remotely activate the LED flashlight present on your smartphone or tablet to illuminate the scene.
  • Pause the video
    - When providing support, it is also possible to reduce bandwidth consumption for the customer by disconnecting the video and continuing in audio only.
  • Widespread availability of servers worldwide
    - The Acty servers are located in the most important areas of the world to get the best audio/video quality possible.