Our experts have a combined, sound understanding of project life cycles, control and process engineering across a wide range of sectors. Relax, we’ll put you in control.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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InControl Systems have the know-how to help you deal with the system issues that affect your business daily.


We know all too well that global markets, customer diversity and environmental sustainability are constantly changing the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. In such a competitive marketplace, we know that you have to offer a range of products to meet consumer demand. We work in close partnership with you to ensure you can meet quality standards for those products consistently and cost-effectively.


With the capability to provide turnkey solutions at any point along your manufacturing process, we can help you combat changes in consumer tastes, government regulations, energy prices, raw material costs, and the increased need for corporate and social responsibility. We have the know-how to ensure you stay InControl.