Our experts have a combined, sound understanding of project life cycles, control and process engineering across a wide range of sectors. Relax, we’ll put you in control.

Bio Energy / Power Generation

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Working with the industry to better business performance with solutions that improve flexibility, reliability, efficiency and safety.


The power industry is going through changes like never before all over the world. Utilities now face a whole host of new challenges. The reality the industry now faces is complex with having to demonstrate maximum efficiency, minimal environmental impact, dealing with fluctuations in demand and, with all of this, ensuring reliable operation with the lowest operating cost possible. 


Within power generation, InControl provide control systems, safety systems, field solutions, software applications, project engineering, project management, installation, startup and commissioning services. We also provide innovative control solutions designed specifically for power. This software ensures maximum safety, reliability, and efficiency of all subsystems present in power plants.


We have over 14 years of power generation experience. We’ve delivered robust, cutting edge control systems and services to power plants all over the world. Our control systems are guaranteeing the reliable, efficient running of electric power, bio energy, and industrial power plants far and wide.