MIS & LOB Integration

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Reporting and Management Integration Systems (MIS) can really take your business to the next level. Our systems can aggregate all your complicated control system data, log it, break it down and present it in a clear, useful form to your plant managers. Through this, we can give you the control to spot trends quickly and make decisions to optimise efficiency.


On top of this, imagine the benefits of being able to automate your entire order system. With LOB (Line Of Business) integration, order requests enter your system virtually to produce the order. Sales and stock with are then co-ordinated with your manufacture in an instant. Our systems can even control the scheduling of your staff, your shift modules, and optimise all the equipment used.


At InControl we not only have the engineering and IT expertise to integrate these systems, but also to spell out the benefits to engineering and IT staff. This goes a long way towards bridging the void that often exists between these two departments.