Support & Troubleshooting

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Our On-site Support, Remote Support and Troubleshooting service is designed to give you complete security and peace of mind whilst minimising costs. We have robust remote access facilities for client sites. This allows us to connect to your systems remotely and securely at any given time. So we can see exactly what’s going on within your system without physically having to travel to you. This means we can resolve problems in minutes, reducing mean times taken for repair, slashing call out ratios and any subsequent costs. Our systems are so good, our clients often request remote access for use by their own engineers.


What’s more is, our remote access system is designed to work securely and safely in line with your current IT policies. To eliminate any potential knock-on effects, InControl obey strict safety procedures. No site or system will be remotely affected without telephone confirmation from your staff on site. 


Our standard warranty period means we’re available to repair your systems for 12 months after any work has been carried out. Whether in combination with our systems, or on a stand- alone basis, we can provide support for as long as necessary for a fixed charge after warranty.