Electrical Design

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With electrical design, compliance and safety are paramount. Safe to say that thorough consideration is given to each in everything we design. 


Integrating your existing equipment is every bit as important to us as the new. At InControl, we carefully consider the best ways to save old equipment and educate you on the best options before committing to specifications. Only after this will we detail designs that best bring your systems together.


Whilst directly mirroring our specifications, our designs strictly adhere to IEE, European Low Voltage, ATEX specifications and more. Being constantly abreast of changes in these regulations, our designs and advice bring these changes to you.


We believe in truly excellent design. Nothing else will do. We give careful consideration into easy servicing, increased spare capacity and longevity - all with the latest future proof automation and electrical components. Our engineers’ advice will also help reduce your hardware outlay and installation costs whilst giving you on-going support.