Feasibility & Design Specification

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Right from the concept we make sure you have your systems under control.


We know your engineers are experts, but it can still be difficult to specify exactly what’s required for the right long-term solution. That’s why our approach to any project is the same - our experienced experts put you in control with tailored, objective advice on your User Requirement Specifications (URS). We assess your situation and give you an honest, clear understanding of what’s feasible, how you can best achieve your aims and which hardware and software combinations fit your specific needs and budgets.


Once this is agreed, we detail exactly how each project will physically be achieved through a Functional Design Specification (FDS). Our approach to this is forward thinking, being designed with your future in mind.


InControl develop your FDS in a structured, modular format, just like the software that we program directly from it. This gives you an exact manual of all systems for ease of reference, testing, maintenance and updatability. It’s all covered, from requirements of your hardware through to any PLC software, visualisations and line of business systems integration.